APS M1911 Gladiator Crixus 6mm Green gas blowback airsoft

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M1911 is called "American Gun" because of its popularity and long history of service. APS want to make a handgun that could shoulder the name of this legendary weapon. After 2 years of R&D, base on Airsoft M1911 design, APS makes a new Airsoft pistol called "Gladiator". Model named by Roman fighter "Marcux" and "Crxius" to show its combat ability.
The replica has 6.03mm Stainless steel inner barrel mounted.

Features: Body Coated in Dark Earth Color / Reinforced Cold-Resistant Nozzle / Wear-Resistant and Cold-Resistant Airtight Rubber / Turbo Magazine (shoot over 40 rounds per charge) / Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail / Replaceable Grip Pad with Kryptek Highlander Camo / Hammer Protector / Fiber Optic Front Sight / Aftermarket Holster Compatible

To conclude, M1911 is a legendary weapon proudly made by American. Just the US procured around 2.7 million piece of 1911 in military contracts during service life. This model is so popular that not only the military but also widely present in various competitive matches in civilian use. APS listen to user and built product for user, so we put this new pistol in the market and keep the APS way of not copying but adding innovation to a product, "Gladiator" M1911 is now born!

Weight: 970 g
Muzzle velocity: 320 fps
Blowback: yes
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6,03 mm
Magazine capacity: 25 BBs
Material: aluminum
Color: dark earth
Length: 220 mm
Muzzle energy: 0,95 J
Fire mode: single
code AG803
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