APS – SMG conversion kit incl black hornet full auto 6mm Airsoft co2

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The APS has made a conversion kit that fits APS Black Hornet Semi/Auto Airsoft pistol, so turning a pistol to an SMG is easy as never before.

In this set as a heart, APS used they great Black Hornet Semi/Auto Pistol.
In combination with very durable ABS frame, we received hard as a rock and fast as a thunder Sub Machine Gun.
In less than 30 seconds you can convert your airsoft pistol in sub machine gun.

With the set, we receive SMG frame made of ABS, fiber optics sights, adjustable stock, front folding hand, magwell, silencer, long Co2 magazine and of course Black Hornet Pistol.
Set also includes 2 adaptors for G17 and G18C GBB Pistols.

Hop up: adjustable
Weight: 1600 g
Magazine type:
Magazine model: aluminum
Magazine model: mid-cap
Muzzle velocity: 350 fps
Blowback: yes
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6,03 mm
Magazine capacity: 51 BBs
Material: aluminum, polymer
Color: black
Length: 270/480 mm
Muzzle energy: 1.14 J
Length of internal barrel: 165 mm
Fire mode: auto, single
code ACP609
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