Army Armament Airsoft Pistol 1911 compact greengas 6 mm R45A1

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· Full Metal Construction
· Textured Grips
· Realistic Blowback Action

Set Includes:
· Compact 1911 Pistol
· Green Gas Magazine

R45A1 pistol replica

 made almost entirely of metal. The metal parts are: frame, slide, magazine, outer barrel, trigger, safety and other small parts (trigger, safety levers etc.). The handguards are made from high quality polymer with anti-slip texture allowing firm grip. The part matching is top notch, there are no loose parts and the pistol looks great after unboxing.

The replica is fitted with ambidextrous safety, which locks the trigger and prevents from accidental discharge. The safety can be operated by both left and right hand with ease and is operated by thumb. Thanks to small dimensions and low weight the pistol is perfect for concealed carrying and is perfect as 'last chance weapon.' but can also be used as main sidearm.

The pistol features ironsights. In order to adjust hop-up, the slide must be removed. It is done in few momentswithout any tools, by setting the slide in correct position and removing the pin.

Reasonable muzzle velocity makes this pistol a perfect sidearm for use in CQB or on short distances. The gas use is low when compared to other gas replicas, which makes this pistol a economic choice for the users.

The set includes metal 18 round magazine.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– manual

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