Army Armament – Bullpup – full auto – 6mm airsoft EBB

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A replica of the ARMY ARMAMENT company which is famous for the quality of its products and attention to detail.

The replica is made of aluminium alloy and ABS. The bed was made of high quality plastic.

Just like in the firearm, a two-stage trigger was used, pulling the trigger halfway allows single shot, while pulling the end its go to auto fire.

The replica, just like the original, has only a fire fuse.

V3 gearbox with quick spring replacement system was used, without having to open the entire gearbox
Picatinny rails on the upper receiver and on the bed, which give the user the possibility to mount additional accessories on the weapon.

Particularly noteworthy is the modular construction of the replica. In the same way as a real one, it is possible to quickly dismantle the rifle into three parts – a barrel assembly, a bed, an integrated buttstock.

The parts and accessories of other manufacturers are fully compatible with this model, which is very important when you wan to do a upgrade.
There is mounted 1,5x scope on top of the barrel set.

Bull-pup design, in which the magazine is located behind the pistol grip and trigger, which gives the possibility of mounting a longer barrel while maintaining a shorter length of total weapons (compared to traditional rifles), which provides better manoeuvrability and increase the accuracy of fire, especially on full auto mode.

The hop-up adjustment has been placed in the ejection window, which is on the right and left side. Depending on the preferences of the shooter, one of the windows can be blinded, so that, if possible, a unique solution from the original version was reproduced, in which there is the ability to quickly translate the lock and blind the appropriate exit window (right or left), which allows rifles to use the rifle for right and left-handed.

The shape of the bed combined with the butt ending with a rubber foot allows you to take a comfortable and confident shooting position.

The reinforced gearbox includes:

* reinforced steel gears
* reinforced piston
* reinforced directional piston head
* 7 mm metal ball bearings
* M110 spring
* spring guide with bearings

The replica largely reproduces the original.

Hop up: adjustable
Weight: 3300 g
Magazine model: polymer
Bearings type: steel ball-bearing
Gearbox version: V3 HYBRiD
Bearings diameter: 7 mm
Magazine model: 3-9
Muzzle velocity: 390 fps
Accumulator connector type: small Tamiya
Accumulator cells type: mini
Accumulator included in set: NO
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6.08 mm
Magazine capacity: 300 BBs
Material: aluminum, polymer, steel
Length: 800 mm
Muzzle energy: 1.41 J
Length of internal barrel: 520 mm
Fire mode: auto, single
Amunicja: .23g, .20g
Numer seryjny: TAK
code KU902(OD)
Vikt 6 kg