Carbine Model 1892 Winchester Repeting rifle Replica

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Köp Carbine Model 1892 Winchester Repeting Rifle Replica – Högkvalitativ replika för samlare och entusiaster. Utforska vårt breda utbud av autentiska och detaljerade replikavapen. Beställ nu för att lägga till denna historiska karbin till din samling!

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Reproduction of a Carbine, made of metal and wood, with simulated loading and firing mechanism.

The Model 1892 was a repeating rifle with lever action, that is, it allowed several shots to be made before recharging, expulsing the used cap and replacing it with a new bullet by the action of a lever attached to the trigger guard; so that comes the term "repeating rifle".

Its operation consists of a horizontal movement closure that has the needle in line inside it; the lower lever when activated, unlocks the closure, then moves it backwards, discovering the breech, giving space to a lifting tile and mounting the hammer from behind. At the end of its travel backwards, the closure makes a bullet to move from the magazine to the lifting tile, and then the reciprocal forward movement of the lever makes the tile to rise, placing the bullet in front of the breech, where it is pushed in battery by closing. The last stroke of the lever upwards again blocks the lock in the firing position.

The design of this model was a return to its origins, using the shorter revolver cartridges that produced less pressure. It also incorporated a Browning action, which was much more resistant than the first rifles derived from the Henry. More than 1,000,000 units were manufactured.

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