CHIAPPA RHINO – Co2 Replica 6mm AIRSOFT – Original and unique

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CHIAPPA RHINO CO2 revolver replica

BO Manufacture presents a revolver replica made under the license of the Italian manufacturer CHIAPPA Firearms Italy. The revolver is made of high-quality materials. Thanks to the license, it has the markings of the firearm equivalent. Elements such the hammer, trigger and drum are made of metal. The pistol grip is made of durable plastic. The replica has a realistic power supply system with dummy shells loaded into the rotating drum – just like in the real life counterpart. Each shell holds one BB.

The replica features several interesting solutions, such as cutouts above the barrel or a special barrel design for dummy cartridges that reduces the size of the replica. A 22mm RIS rail is located under the barrel.

The drum release function also acts as a safety catch, blocking the hammer and the trigger against accidental shots. There is an additional button under the tap that acts as a safety catch. A standard 12-gram CO2 capsule is placed inside the pistol grip. We don’t need any tools to open the grip. A front sight and an adjustable rear sight will make it easier to aim.

The set includes:

– replica

– 6 x dummy shells

EAN 3664245094506

Made of plastic + metal
Magazine capacity [pcs]6
Propulsion CO2 12g
Type of fireSingle
Velocity [FPS]~320
Weight [g]1085

Vikt 1 kg