CYMA CM.121 Desert Eagle EBB 6mm Airsoft

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CM.121 is another replica made by the Chinese company CM.
The AEP pistol replica can also be shot with auto fire, allowing a small switch in the back of the weapon.
For structural reasons, the slide is fixed.
The gun is mostly made of ABS, however the gearbox is metal!
Pistol featured with a regulated hop up system.

NOTICE! Replica have a unique serial number! Battery not included!

Set includes
* replica
* magazine 30 bullets
* bb loader

Weight: 920 g
Color: black
Length: 270 mm
Material: ABS, aluminum
Fire mode: auto, single
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6.03 mm
Magazine capacity: 30 BBs
Magazine material: aluminum
Muzzle velocity: 200 fps
Muzzle energy: 0,37 J
Accumulator included in set: NO
Accumulator voltage: 7,2 V
Accumulator capacitance: 450 mAh
Accumulator type: mini
Accumulator type: NiMH
Bearings type: polycarbonate sliding
Warranty period: 6 months
Ammo: .20g, .23g
Serial number: YES
Manufacturer: CYMA
Code: FB2424

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