HFC Grenade Launcher >40 6mm Green Gas Driven AIRSOFT

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HFC Grenade Launcher >40 6mm Green Gas Driven

yes, way cool and effective accessory to your pistol or smg.
Small, light weight and squirts a punch worthy of a big one.

The grenade launcher is mostly made of aluminum, thanks to which its weight is proportional to the size-small.
Ideally suited for mounting on a pistol, machine gun or assault rifle.

It is adapted to be mounted on a Picatinny rail, another advantage is that it has a Picatinny rail. Thanks to that it is possible to mount a flashlight or other necessary equipment.
Perfect for CQB.
It's small but it's making a big mess.
It can hold up to 40 bb, and its range is from 19 to 30 m

Weight: 180 g
Magazine type: Green Gas
Blowback: no
Material: aluminum
Color: black
Width: 300/350 mm
Ammo .23g, .20g
code HG-138B264
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