ICS Grenade launcher 40 mm

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ICS-190 MGL Revolver Grenade Launcher Replica

A no-compromise replica that allows to fire 6 grenades within seconds and as a result to launch over 1000 BBs on the battlefield in a blink of an eye. The launcher is powered by all standard, airsoft, 40mm grenades (130mm long).

The grenade launcher was mainly made from polymers in order to reduce the weight as much as possible, which can significantly increase after 6 grenades are loaded (not included in the set). It is a revolver grenade launcher, which means it has a drum magazine and each squeeze of the trigger aside from straining the firing pin, also turns the drum by one chamber. In order for the drum to turn with each squeeze of the trigger, the turning mechanism has to be first wound up counter-clockwise.

The stock is known from M4 series and adjustable in length. It also features the ability to select the angle, which is useful when firing on a parabolic flight path. Thanks to the front with Picatinny rails and top mounting rail, the replica can be equipped with additional accessories such as optical sights, grips, etc. The vertical, forward grip comes with the replica in stock.

The additional accessories seen in some pictures are not part of the set. The full list of what the set contains can be found below.

The set includes:

– grenade launcher

– vertical grip

– manual

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