KWC .357 2,5″ Revolver replica Airsoft 6mm co2

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KWC .357 2,5″ Revolver replica Airsoft 6mm co2

Excellent heavy duty replica revolver with authentic feel and best grip on the market compared to even more expensive airsoft replicas. authentic loading in seperate shells gives a real feel. Fires 6mm airsoft ammo of your choice.

A 2,5″ .357 revolver replica by KWC was made from durable polymer and metal. The body, cylinder, hammer and barrel are made from metal, the pistol grip and shells are made from polymer. Th replica is powered by CO2 capsule and first shots may give the pellet velocity of ~450 FPS, but on following shots the muzzle velocity stabilizes on ~395 FPS. This revolver comes with cylinder for 6 shells into which the 6mm bb’s are fit.

The set includes:

-2,5″ .357 revolver replica

-set of shells (6pcs)

-fast loader for shells

Name:    Replika revolver 2,5″ .357
Manufacturer:    KWC
Warranty:    6 months
Made of:    Metal + plastic
Propulsion / Powered by:    Gas propulsion – CO2 12g
Velocity [FPS]:    ~450
Weight [g]:    965
Type of fire:    Single
Magazine type:    Low-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]:    6
Hop-Up:    Yes, fixed
Dostawy i nowo?ci:    KWC

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