LS SW 910 Replica 6mm airsoft pistol

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Replica of S&W 910

The gun itself is as unique as its name, which comes from a combination caliber 9mm and a magazine capacity of 10 ammo – 910

This model is equipped with a silencer, 14 CCW

It is made of polymer, aluminum, and metal.
The lock is made of polymer, is fixed – the replica does not have a blow-back system, so it is extremely durable.
Attachment to detail and a 1: 1 scale delivers unmatched realism.
It has a movable hammer and a double site safe switch.

Set included:
* replica 
* dummy silencer
* magazine

Weight: 835 g
Length: 190/290 mm
Material: aluminum, polymer
Fire mode: single
Magazine capacity: 24 BBs
Magazine type: Green Gas
Muzzle velocity: 300 fps
Muzzle energy: 0.84 J
Warranty period: 6 months
Blowback: no
Ammo: .23g, .20g
Code: GGH-0301

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