UHC 4″ Revolver Green gas 6mm airsoft

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UG-136 revolver replica
This replica is a perfect choice for everyone who loves classic revolver and just start the adventure with ASG.

The replica is powered by green gas – the container is hidden inside the handle. The trigger and hammer are made of metal and both are movable, the magazine can hold 6 shells.
The replica is mostly made of plastic, the internal elements and the inner barrel are made of metal.
The set comes with 8 shells.

UHC only Premium Revolver – Authentic action, Textured details

– Textured wood-grained handle grip
– Authentic Action. Press hammer for re-loading.
– Adjustable rear sight. 4 direction adjusting – up / down / right / left
– Double action and lightened trigger pull
– Extended shooting range
– Swing in & out cylinder with 6 pcs of plastic shells (or optional copper shell)
– Comes with different color combinations in the gun and the grip.

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