WE – Bulldog D001 Pistol Replica – Tan – GBB – 6MM Airsoft

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WE D001 pistol replica – Tan

The replica was made of plastic and an alloy of zinc and aluminum. The elements made of metal are: the slide and the magazine, the rest of the elements are made of plastic. The replica is powered by green gas what allows to gain the muzzle velocity of about 270 FPS. Both, the front and the rear iron aiming sights are marked with photo luminous dots what allows for easier aiming in low light conditions. At the same time, the iron aiming sights are fully functional in typical conditions. The inner thread which is used in the replica allows to mount a sound suppressor while as the RIS rail which is located in front of the trigger guard allows the mount of such equipment as a tactical flashlight or a laser target pointer.

The replica uses the Blow Back system which makes that the replica’s operation is similar to the operation of the real firearm. The slide remains in the backwards position after shooting the last round. The first two row magazine holds 19 BB pellets, the seconds one holds 21 BB pellets.

The set includes two set of pistol grip covering panels. One of the sets in black while as the second one is made in pink in order to identify the replica as a training weapon.

The set includes:
– the replica,
– two magazines,
– two sets of pistol grip covering panels,

Made of: plastic + metal
Propulsion / Powered by: Gas propulsion – Green Gas
Velocity [FPS]: ~ 270
Length [mm]: 155
Weight [g]: 755
Type of fire: Single
Magazine type: Low-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity: 19/21
Hop-Up: Yes
Blow Back: Yes

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