WELL – D90F Replica – D90F – AEG – 6MM Airsoft

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Well D90F replica

The replica of D90F submachine gun was made, like the d90F replica was made, like the original, almost entirely from durable plastic. Its compact design and small size make it an extremely comfortable tool, ideally suited as a basic weapon for to fight at short and medium distances. Extended barrel, reaching far behind the trigger (which is typical for weapons in the bullpup system), provides increased shooting precision. The very fact of the bullpup system increases the comfort of use – the replica is short, easy to maneuver and very stable and accurate at the same time.

The magazine has a capacity of 300 rounds, which in combination with accuracy, the possibility of continuous fire and a theoretical rate of fire 400 shots per minute makes this replica perfect tool to operate during CQB type games. At 0,12 gram pellets, the achieved rate of fire reaches 180 FPS. It is also possible to use heavier bullets, 0,20 g, which will translate into a slight decrease in range while the pellets can also be used heavier than 0,20 g, which translates into a slight decrease in range while increasing the precision of the performed fire.

The replica is equipped with RIS rail placed on the back, above the magazine. It allows to connect to the replica any optoelectronic optoelectronic devices or a flashlight.

Set consists of set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– battery
– charger

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