WELL – G191A (GG) Pistol Replica Green gas 6mm airsoft

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G191A (GG) Pistol Replica

A gas pistol replica by WELL. Made mainly from metal. Polymer parts include pistol grip linings and small internal parts. The replica is well-made and is a true representation of the classic, well-known construction.

The gas container is located in the magazine, which can store up to 25 BBs. The set includes a green gas powered magazine. The replica features a Blow Back system, which significantly increases the realism when using the replica by pulling back the slide after each shot, just like in the original firearm. Once the last BB has left the replica, the slide remains pulled back.

The replica features a double sided winged safety, which locks the slide and a press safety on the back of the grip, which prohibits accidental fire without holding the replica properly.

The set includes:

–          A replica

–          A green gas magazine

–          A case

–          A hex key

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